About & Contact

To the fellow educator…

I am hoping to encourage, inspire, share, learn, teach, experience, reach, engage, and create for you so that you can SIMPLY TEACH SIMPLY.

A little bit of background…

As an educator for the past five years I have learned to love what I do.  Although I have wanted to teach since the first grade I say “learned to love” because my first experiences in the classroom brought culture shock, amazement, frustration, confusion, and … well, I was overwhelmed to say the least.  I spent the next few years focusing on SIMPLY TEACHING SIMPLY.  In other words, how could I not only make the content simple for my students but how can I make the classroom environment simple.  I created resources that simplified what I did on a daily basis and the results were spectacular.  I quickly felt on top of my teaching game and truly in charge of not only my classroom, but my time both at school and at home.

Education and Experience…

  • B.S. in Mathematics, M.A. in Educational Technology
  • 3 years of public school teaching, 2 years of private school teaching, 1 year of university level teaching
  • department chair experience
  • provided professional development to departments, schools, and districts in the following areas: technology integration, math and technology, math resources and activities, website creation, and web 2.0

On this site…

Please enjoy the resources I have to share, most of which are in my content area, mathematics, and incorporate my passion, technology.  Many are original (and will be identified in this manner) while some are from fellow educators (credit will be given where appropriate).  I appreciate feedback as well as suggestions and ideas!

Contact me at benson.meghan@gmail.com.  Follow me on Facebook, twitter, or by subscribing to this blog on the right.

-Meghan Benson


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