How do teachers START implementing technology?

Conversations with teachers interested in technology integration usually come to a point where the teacher asks, “I understand HOW technology is beneficial, but I don’t know where to begin.”  Professional development is most beneficial if the teacher takes away not only knowledge but an action plan for implementation.

I decided I would like to take on the task of compiling a HOW TO guide for teachers looking to cross the bridge to a student-centered, tech-oriented classroom… But I am going to need the help of fellow teachers with stories, suggestions, how to’s, how NOT to’s, etc.  Please comment below, and let’s see what kind of support we can provide to those on the path to tech integration.



6 thoughts on “How do teachers START implementing technology?

  1. Hrmm, good question. I suspect that someone else has started a guide like this. I’d recommend joining forces. If not, a Getting Started guide would be very valuable.

    Maybe what we need to do is look how WE got involved in technology, and then ask what were the relevant factors for our involvement.

    For myself, I’ve pretty much always been a technology geek, but it wasn’t until I worked at a school which was technology rich that I realized how useful it could be in education, and started to step up my game. At one point I discovered that I could make my own apps for my students to use, and really I haven’t looked back since.

  2. Teachers start implementing technology one at a time, if you are lucky, you can get a group. Unfortunately, some teachers will be left behind, you cannot wait for them to “Get Onboard” as you will never leave the last century.

    A movement always starts with the first follower, not with the great leader. That first follower needs all of your support.

  3. Here’s a what not to: don’t stick to only one piece of technology, and don’t coerce kids to use only that one piece of technology.

    On top of that, technology is just an extension to the human ability. Let’s not just teach kids to USE technology, but why we use them.

    So instead of teaching kids on how to tweet, upload youtube videos, or how to change contrast on a photo using photoshop, instead, teach them why we communicate, what are the possible communication mediums we use, and what are possible ways to communicate well.

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