Personal Philosophy, Part 3 – The Student, The Teacher

The Student

The student is dependent on the teacher, classmates, and society.   I think the student is dependent on these three because he/she works with each.  The teacher is the student’s guide and the student looks to the teacher for advice and direction.  Society is where the student will end up.  The societal rules need to be passed on to the student so they can succeed in the real world.  Classmates collaborate with the student on a daily basis both in and out of the classroom.  The student depends on classmates for friendships, social needs, and academic needs.  Above these dependencies though, I think the student is the most important person in his/her education, which is supported by constructivism according to Glasersfeld (1989) in Cognition, Construction of Knowledge, and Teaching.

The Teacher

The teacher is the guide for students and should be a safe person for students to talk to (Bauersfeld, 1995).  The teacher holds the valuable information the student needs to become a successful and contributing member of society.  The teacher’s responsibilities include educating to the best of his/her ability, ensuring the safety and well-being of the child, assisting students with growth both academically and emotionally, and communicating about each student’s education with the parent, student, and administration.

As a teacher, I value telling the truth, being on time, respecting others and yourself, and taking responsibility for your own actions.   My hopes for my students include pride, ambition, and self-worth.  I want my students to have pride in the work they complete for me, for other teachers, and for any employer they have in the future.  I want to teach my students to turn in their best work and use their best efforts to complete their work.  I want my students to be ambitious and go for the “A”.  I want them to go to college, build goals and dreams, and follow through on them.  I want my students to feel their self-worth.  I want them to know they are important and can make a difference in the world.  They are the future and we are putting it in their hands.


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