Personal Philosophy – Part 2, Education


The goal of education for society involves creating contributing members of society.  Education encourages students to become responsible adults with positive effects on the future of our country and our world.  School teaches students to interact with one another in a variety of settings, and it has the role of teaching our students the ways of our society, the history and the present issues, as well as the roles they do and will play in society.

The goal of education for the individual is to create a life long learner that is knowledgeable about a variety of topics that are not only of interest but that will help the individual student survive and be successful in our society.  School, like society, is a place for students to come together and to learn from each other.  School is a social playground as well as an academic one.

My thought that education should teach social responsibility and citizenship is supportive of progressivism as Cohen mentions in 1999 in her paper on Philosophical Perspectives. 


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